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pattern into the northeast, it's swinging south ward, we're about to get rain on to the peninsula and into the south bay and east bay. rainfall totals past 24 hourgs have been drenching in the nornl. 3.6 inches at mount st. helena. three quarters in sanjc rafael. we're about to get wetter in other areas.gah4s >> there are calls tonight for the president of the santa clara county board to resign. he is under investigation for questionable and sometimes lavish expenses charged to taxpayers. tonight the story. >> we know he racked up $36,000 in expenses in the last four years and office, but some of the questionable expenses have now launched on investigation. the first classt4lz travel
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upgrades, dining out at pf chang's and other pricey restaurants and a $500 golf excursion in las vegas, items our media partner says supervisor has put on his county-issued credit card. there is outrage. >> what are we doing? why is he still in office? >> this ed tore jill asking him to step down. won't respond to reporter questions today but did address the credit card controversy with a statement. >> i don't want you to be distributed -- distracted by the political lynching you continue to read about. >> he told fellow supervisors his constituents are more concerned about escalating violence. >> i haven't been talking about a the 19 inch tv in my office i purchased in 2009. what we talked about is the recent shooting yesterday.
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>> the sul -- supervisor says she wants an audit finished as quickly as possible. >> so we're looking at this legally. >> this includes aws personal bankruptcy filing last year despite a salary. many say the public servant deserves benefit of the doubt. >> he has done a lot for the city. so he's got a lot of supporters.. >> people are wondering what is going on. we're going to find out. that will be public record. >> he says he's cooperating with the audits and investigations and will have more to say, soon. >> certainly, when the review is completed, you'll hear a little bit more from me. >> he made comments about the board is looking at wide spread policy changes with regard to+9ñúñ issued credit cad
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use in the wake of this scandal. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> 49ers head coach is back at the doctor's tonight. the team announced he is undergoing a follow up evaluation with a procedure received on thursday to correct an irregular heartbeat. this came as a bit of a surprise made just minutes after harbaugh was scheduled to anounts victory over the bears. the team gave no indication there is a concern with the health. we'll stay on top of it. in the meantime, the tedford era is over. cal fired the most successful football coach in the team's history. >> this comes at a coast. >> this is a difficult day. he took the program from the bottom up to the bop 10 but couldn't stop the slide back down. after 11 years, his run in cal
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is over. he brought the football program back to life in berkeley. bu/rbñ he went three and nine this year. and getting blown out regularly. there was a growing sense that tedford could not do what he did a decade ago that. is make cal great again that. is what the graduation rate around 48% meant change was inevidentible. the contract so no taxpayer money will be involved. he issued a statement giving thanks for kmimt making it possible to have the winningest tenure in cal football history. mike shumann joins us live tonight. i know this is a sad day for people at cal. >> no question. we have had gloomy weather on this day. memorial stadium could not
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have been renovated without his success. >> i informed jeff tedford we'd be seeking to hire a new lead football coach it was a difficult decision for barbara, jeff has been head coach for 11 years. >> he is a good man. who has brought great success and celebration to this university. and who deserves to occupy a place of honor in the cal family. however, the current state of the program is not what our student athleteses and fans and commute deserves.. >> players found out this morning in 10:00 a.m. in a meeting with coach. >> everybody on the team gave him a hug after and a standing ovation. >> he put blood, sweat and tears into this program. >> the graduation rate was lowest in the pack 12. that played into the final
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decision. >> he's pressed importance of academics. and we need to finish strong in school. >> sandy barrier is helping find the head coach. >> team builder, a staff builder. a character builder. someone who is innovative. who understand importance of academics. >> there is interest in this job. >> we'll do this as quickly as we can. the right person to lead cal football. >> detales of the buyout will be worked out. he's a good person, good coach and will land on his feet somewhere because he had a great run here, at cal. >> shu, thank you. it's unclear$r]ñ what direction cal will go. one person told me today cal was going to try
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for a big name. greg roman should be interviewed so should mike mcentire at san jose state. we'll have more reaction in sports this, is a great job. a lot of people are going to want it. i had an agent calling me thinking what do you think of my guy? >> this is one of the best jobs in college football. >> outstanding now. >> it's about to be illegal to bare your body on city streets in san francisco. nudists lost a battle today. there is one more vote still to go. carolyn? >> that second vote is usually a form malt coming on december 4th what could be a bigger obstacle could be a lawsuit nudists have filed. this soon will be against the law. the san francisco board of superviseors voted to approve a ban on nudity,
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sponsored by scott weiner but it wasn't a slam dunk. >> we do live in a time of limited resources. when it comes to what is the best and most effective way of using those limited resources, not that endorsing nudity laws is not important but on how important it is relative to violent crime, i think that is a focus should be violent crime. >> when we start to surrender some of the basic rights... citywide, that, you know what is next? a lot of people think that that is cliche. doi ask that question. you know? what piercing? tattooing? yellow hair? or what? >> we're az9 city that believes in freedom. we have always believed in freedom z free expression. but taking your pants off in the parkt and displaying again talls to everyone, that is not free expression. >> pandemonium broke out.
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it's against the law to get naked in chambers but one after another, several people stripped down to protest. >> i fwhot have gotten naked in city hall if they tried to ban nudity. it's free expression. >> we nailophile aid lawsuit charging this ban violates their rights. >> is the first amendment more powerful and z.more important than the passion of a mob and ambitions of one or more city supervisors? we contend it is. and that is what our face kais is based on. >> exhibitionists i think that is what the word is expressed that way. that is different from, i think, first amendment rights. >> so, the mayor supports the so called weiner bill. let me tell you, you can get naked at the folsom street fair, when you run beta breakers and other permitted events but barring a court ruling you cannot get naked in
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public plis plaiss. violate laitors will face fines starting at $100. >> the supervisors gave okay to building apartment that's aren't much bigger than parking spaces. that resolution states the project is viable but calls for an environmental report on traffic congestion. >> still head here tonight at 6:00 a late breaking development in& will send port employees back to work. they've been on strike. >> i can't imagine going through anything worse than what we've been through. >> her crisis abc 7 i team came from a mental institution. >> and a holiday tradition almost didn't happen until a star put money where their
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mouths are.
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the port of oakland is over tonight. earlier than expected union workers ticketing there and blocking trucks have agreed to peening the court will reopen less than an hour from now. mark matthews is live at the port of oakland with the story. >> things not always as they appear, but this is a0+, good case in point. most of the people that were
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out here striking, members of the union, don't work here at the port ever f. oakland. most of the people blocking this gate here weren't members of the union that is striking. they chanted the union slogans but tried to find a member of the servicey3 employee unions. >> i'm here as a supporter. >> actually, i'm an elected official. >> there are reports here, i don't know. >> rick is a member of local 1021. he works at the airport. most of the workers are at the airport as far as i understand. >> from this unions2=j.⌞wz >> there were picket lines but not there to block any business. >> this is affecting you? >> no. >> this is the workers that did not want to shut this
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place down. >> we're not trying to. question we can't see anyone saying my mother didn't, or grandmother, didn't get here for thanksgiving. that is a black eye. >> rather than incur the wrath of the traveling public, fdiu shut down the port for the day. which left independent truckers waiting for work. >> this is not good he says he owns 10 trucks, a $4,000 hit. we feel their pain but you know this has been publicized over two weeks.. >> is it working? we asked the port spokesperson. >> we have engaged all along the way our union. and they aloud the second shift to come to work to loading and unloading ships that had been waiting.
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there is no agreement on the contract and they're talking. second shift due to arrive in about 45 minutes from now. >> that last ditch effort to save hostess failed saying talks broke down today without an agreement. the company says it will head to court tomorrow with intention to sell off assets including twinkies brand. 18,000 workers will lose jobs. the company shut down vaktrys -- factories last week. >> a bay area basketball star helped make sure that hundreds of people enjoyed a holiday feast. it almost didn't happen because of a lack of fundingq'od with a smile, volunteers
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helped hundreds of people in need. >> this is nice to be here for a break to give thanks just be happy. celebrate. >> this year, the dinner almost didn't happen until golden state warrior forward david leech took in 25,000s thdz year. >> to be able to make a positive contributes gs to the bay area, something that is happy to do. >> the mayor among volunteer servers. many are seniors, families with individuals that might go without. >> there is homeless people out. that is what we need to help this time of the year it makes them feel loved and appreciated from little kids
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to seniors. >> this 11-year-old is toll vol lun tearing for the first time. >> this. >> i'm thankful for what i have. >> for some of the people companionship is important as food. >> i'm blessed. thankful to be here. >> besides this effort, the city organizes a brown bag give away for those in need. donations are still needed. in oakland abc 7 news. >> today was a huge success it was. >> let's get a check on the forecast tonight. >> could come down heavily. >> it could. >> there is no doubt we'll see pockets of heavy rain. a live view right now in emeryville. looking west along the bay bridge towards san francisco, you can see moisture and some
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of it is hitting the ground. hur off shore, much is still falling. you can see pockets of rain. getting closer, you can see rain in parts of san francisco now. into daily city across the bay to berkeley. some areas of activity off shore. so we're going to get wet weather tonight. you can see it's been going eastward. so we're all about to get wet. during the night time and overnight hours. temperatures low 60s in most locations. rain, showers diminishing into afternoon. dry patterns thursday through
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mochblt so thanksgiving day looking nice. low temperatures, showery, rainy conditions. mid-50s and here is a look at satellite showing a frontal system bringing us rainfall. it's moving slowly. so at 7:00 we'll see rain beginning to spread across the forth bay and south and beyond the golden gate. pockets of rain hitting central part of the bay area. through san francisco. front continues to swing southeastward. lots of wet spots around the bay area. there will be showers tapering off into afternoon by. 7:00 in the evening rainfall totals may have reached two inches in the north bayrbñs mountains.
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and to about four tenths of!ñ an inch. sierra there is a winter weather advisory until tomorrow afternoon]ko:, three to four inches of snow. snow levels are still high. winds gusting over peaks and ridges. by afternoon partly sunny skies. here is the accu-weather forecast lovely day for thanksgiving. high temperatures low 60s on the coast. upper 60s friday, saturday. ine weekend. it's going to be a soaker in places tonight.
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hewlett-packard says it's the victim of a $5 billion broad. a yearoj@vñ ago today, ah chief executive said it used accounting tricks to inflate the value claiming hard wear
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manufacturing as a marketing expense, reporting total value of long term contracts instead of spreading them out. the former ceo denies any wrong doing. because of the sales, they reported a $6.8 billion loss for that quarter. >> bay bridge passed it's last major milestone. the single cable has a lot riding on it, holding up a section of the bridge. the 32,000 ton weight of the roadway was resting on scaffolding now, that has been transferred to the main cable. process started in august, just completed. >> waits never a question that the bridge would hold itself up. the question is when picking it up would they pick it up right the first time? would we need to be tuning in and tuning it? >>(yz there are still a lot of
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ilt yims to be completed on the punch list. the bridge is scheduled to open labor day weekend next year. 286 days from today. >> that is going to be nice. >> yes. >> there is more still to come g kñpñ tonight on. just ahead holiday travel weather. what happens to some of the vacationer who's tried boat the storm. >> lgs, secretary of state clinton travels to the middle east to broker a piece agreement. but there is in sign so far of the cease fire. >> and abc 7 news i team confronts a man brokering adoption of two children from a mental institution.
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back to weather now, full force of the coming storm has not reached the entire bay area yet but advancing includes and rain caused long delays at san francisco international airport. that is where abc 7 news is live for us tonight. and so many people are
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traveling. david? >> that is right. these are peak travel days for thanksgiving holiday. today and tomorrow. the combination of low clouds and winds caused delays up to two hours today as a result of the takeoff and landing patterns being reversed. >> it's clouds creating low visibility, weather delays grew longer. in bad weather, flights are towards east instead of the west. so that requires takeoffs staggered, meaning delays. inside, passengers saw patience tested. especially kids waiting for conditions to improve. cheryl was monitoring delays for travel yocity. >> showing about 50% of the outbound, inbound flights have been affect bid weather:rá÷ so keep an eye on timing. >> and sfo expecting 3% growth during holidays over last year, meaning more people waiting
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around. some will be first time flyers unfamiliar with delays. sfo provided travel tips.. >> find out which terminal your flight is coming from. with record numbers traveling at sfo we expect parking garages to fill up, quickly. >> 4.7 million callins expected to hit the road. some rethinking plans with storms approaching and has yards create bid drivers.. >> the slick roads, driving too fast. too close. that makes it dangerous. >> what's happening to common sense? >> out of the window. >> they are recommending people do a safety check of their vehicle and exercise paish yeens yens. >> take your i'm. be patient. we want you to leave early. so where you're going to be going to, and also, check the road conditions on where you're going. you may be going half our from home or traveling four, five hours, check conditions before you leave.
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>> sfo adds 50 flight cancellations today, mostly regional flights to places such as santa.!k barbara and monterey. >> david, thank you. despite hopes of a cease fire today there is no let up tonight in the rocket attacks between israel and hamas. this report as secretary of state clinton made an emergency trip to israel to meet with israeli program. that is defending israel's right to protect itself, calling on both sides to find a peaceful solution. >> goal must be a durable outcome promoting regional stability, advancing security of israelies and palestinians alike. >> the visit as two sides fired rockets at each other for a seventh day. egypt's president announced he expected a deal on a cease fire today but that did not
6:33 pm
materialize. unclear whether a deal would be reached. >> couples turned to a bay area man to help them adopt children from ukraine. >> there are concerns the couples are not getting the full story. >> dan noiz has the story of one couple whose adopted children came from a mental institution. >> this has been probable lit hardest thing i, i can't imagine going through anything any worse. >> laurie ask jason thought they were doing the right thing. the north carolina couple decided to adopt two children from an u orphanage but say they were misled by people supposed to make sure adoptions went smoothly. >> it's destroyed our family. it has destroyed our family literally. >> in april, 2010 the couple group. >> i cry cried throughout the presentation. >> they were hooked.
6:34 pm
the group introduced them to advocate for orphans. avila charged them $4875 for services. >> he's supposed to make sure that we have all of the information that we need. >> he agreed to adopt a 9-year-old before meeting her. after jason went on a mission trip, and saw the living conditions at the orphanage, the family decided to adopt a 14-year-old. >> you want to get them out of there. it is a horrible physical environment. >> they say avila never raised questions about the childrens' health, receiving just a few sheets written in ukrainian. arriving home, they experienced first signs of trouble with sfeta. >> she hits, kicks and threatens to commit suicide, threatening to kill everybody in our family. >> they brought her to a neuropsychologist.
6:35 pm
>> it's clear these two children had significantvale vel mental disabilitis.. >> she was diagnosed with 12 disorders. she's now living in a mental hospital in north carolina. alec diagnosed with seven disorders. >> they should not have been made available except to a family who stated i want the most severely handicapped and disabled child with fetal alcohol, drug exposure, brain damage. >> the family had no idea what they're getting into, saying they discovered the orphanage was actually an asylum. >> this is never disclosed to us, by anyone. >> the family believes david avila should have told them about the conditions and about the orphanage. >> he should have known. he is paid to know. >> abc 7 news featured avila in a story here b.his family in 2008. a program similar to the one this family heard about in north carolina.
6:36 pm
he brings orphans in a group to meet families. >> 80% of the kids find a family that adopts them. >> david avila declined to be interviewed when i reached him. after the i team spotted him, he took us on a tour of the town, stopped at the police station. officers warned him to follow traffic rules. >> david? >> i approached. he rushed into his home. >> i need to talk to to you. david? really? come on. you're going put a jacket on your head? are you being straight with families about kids they're adopt something. >> he did give jason and laurie a contract with a clause that health of the child cannot be guaranteed. parent encouraged to seek advice of medical professionals with expertise prior to the process. in california facilitators must register with the state. avila and his advocate for orphans was registered but left in 2010. >> if someone zrnt
6:37 pm
registration, then that is an issue they may be operating illegally. >> the santa clara county district attorney tells us there have been no complaints filed. >> i would rather see something we'd have to investigate. we're fair to everyone. >> laurie and jason say they're spreading the word about their experience, hoping it's not repeated by other familis.. >> we brought these children here with hope. such a loss of hope. >> we spoke with a family features in in the story back in 2008 them say they're happy with the service s but admit lhaehavioral problems. jason and laurie visit sfeta in the institution. alec is in high school and they are worried about his future. >> coming up next, a new trend in urban living. >> san francisco gets a stamp of approval too very small apartments not much
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>> apartments in san francisco known for this very small sh but now, they can be getting smaller. >> abc 7 newsuqh explains a bill to allow so called micro apartments is headed to the mayor's desk. >> this sounds like a legislation had a winding road to get where we are today. >> asking for a vote, scott
6:41 pm
weiner spelled out compromises to allow tiny apartments with only 150 square feet of living space, 220 if you count a kitchen ask closet they've been called micro apartments.. >> some call them shoe box apartments as well. >> sarah from the housing xrgst the tiny apartments initially, fearing they'd replace units for families. >> we don't want it to become like singapore. families have been displaced to go to go back to change laws to keep it at 375 square feet. >> weiner agreed they will be forq6o=d construction only. so land lords can't chop up a building. he expects these to rent for 1500ses today $2000 a month. >> for people, having that lower cost option is difference between being able to stay in the city or not. >> the supervisor worries new buildings could cause population in her crowded district to swell by another 30%. >> i do hope that if units do
6:42 pm
go forward they're tried out. >> weiner agreed to cap the round of building permits at 375 micro apartments. the supervisor still wasn't sold. >> i think this is not making sense to san francisco i know. >> in the end he was not only no vote but after a victory weiner has a person left to win over. the mayor. so far, he hasn't said where he stands. >> i'm having a concern whenever people are changing the standards. but i do think that there may be good conditions. >> if signed into law, the total number allowed will be capped until there is a study whether to allow more. >> coming up next something you can train your eyes on this holiday weekend.
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an east bay model railroad society around 60 years is putting on a show this week
6:46 pm
like few others.túzbc 10 trains running on a mile of track. as abc 7 news found out, takes a lot of passion and patience to keep this railroad running. >> you'll find it in a quiet neighborhood. a building with yet another neighborhood just inside. a small town america except for godzilla factor. >> we've got passengers and haveunu to get them to their destination. >> they do. >> they do. all aboard the diablo83. lines. you'll find this in all creation. >> we try to make this as real as they can. >> it's a world in that guys like ted and jim among others manipulate with efficiency. a mile and a half of games track in one room, 10 trains running at once. do you know what is amaze something it all works. >> occasionally. >> it's working. what happened? >> you walked in.
6:47 pm
>> it's your fault. >> the model railroad society formed in 1948. they hopped -- opened the building in 1975, never looking back. elaborate? you've never seen such. the group has a reputation for staging shows featuring every act of nature short of a solar eclipse. >> you use dock unders. >> what you're looking at is kind of like "wizard of oz" taking us behind a curtain. beneath trains through secret passageways the public never sees. >> is this a way to build a railroad? >> yeah. yeah. >> everybody crawls.. >> it leads to a station with a train is built away from prying eyes. back up stairs if you wonder how they keep them from bumping into each other... answers is technology. old technology. this array of switches and
6:48 pm
real yaiz once routed telephone calls for at and t. >> it won't last. >> to hear railroaders tell us detailing and adjustments and shuttling they come with a turf. >> this isn't finished. we're not done yet. this is our model. we'll never, ever be done. >> noti;o after six decades. from walnut creek, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> that is the coolest thing. detail is unbelievable. >> it's incredible ask looks real at the end. the railroad society has holiday shows planned for this weekend at its place in walnut creek. >> what a fun thing to do. look under see it on tv for a link to their site. you'll find show times and directions.. >> now, let's get another check on the forecast. >> and advancing storms. >> we can use crawl space in the weather office. here is a time lapse view this just drifting over the bay. a lot of moisture over the bay
6:49 pm
today, not a lot of rainfall during daytime except up into the north bay. as you look, still falling over much of the north bai. you can see pushing below golden gate now south of the peninsula. parts of san francisco. pushing eastward now towards fairfield and more off shore is coming in our direction. tomorrow, state wide pockets of showers in the northern two-thirds to three quarters of the state. sunny, mild down south. here in the bay area after rainfall overnight and early morning hours, we'll see this tapering off to just scattered showers by mid day. partly sunny skies into afternoon hours. high temperatures into low to mid 0s and here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll be drying out late tomorrow, from thursday, thanksgiving day through monday, we're looking at sunny skies and mild dry conditions. now, we continue to ask for your support for abc 7 food drive. if you give us 35 meals or equivalent we'll mention your name at 6:00.
6:50 pm
tonight's donors are... families of rockridge motessori school. and congregation in walnut creek, 47 meals, totals so far just one shy of 4700 meals, that means you can make a contribution call the number at the top of the screen. and i... d7 share your holiday food drive december 12th. we'll take donations for local food banks around the bay area. >> thank you spencer. >> niners have a quarterback controversy. >> up next, did alex smith back up play his way into the
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things awfully interesting tonight. >> yes. larry beil is here now. >> we'll get to niners and cal again. jeff tedford had terrific moments in cal. and few came in recent years. today, after a 3-9 season
6:54 pm
tedford built a strong program and dealt with tree sitters and endured it all, won a school record 82 games, now leaves the program. >> we're saddened by this. and... it's hard to talk about. sorry. we've got emotional. coach is a great man. >> it's been made better by jeff tedford this, is a very attractive job that is, and will, attract a number of folks, a number of candidates will meet these criteria. will have an opportunity to make a great choice. >> that is for sure. 49ers have first tennent for their new stadium. the kraft fight hunger bowl is moving there in 2015.
6:55 pm
aj jenkins played in the bowl game past couple of years. >> we think this beautiful venue has revenue potential to allow us to attract better teams, secure more sponsors and grow the game. >> 49ers coach was supposed to talk with the media today with reporters anxious to be at school. the coach is scheduled to meet with media at his usual time tomorrow. back to the story at hand, a 32-7 niner victory. talks started at half time, should he have planned to alex smith as a new starter. >> i wanted to show love, show i can be a starter. that is what i've been trying to prove. >> alex is a genuine guy. i've been here with him since
6:56 pm
day one, supporting him. but collin is the same way. humble heart. soft spoken. and you know he wants to be great. but i can't choose sides. i'm here to support either one of them. >> if alex is healthy, next sunday, will he start? >> we'll make that determination as we go. but there is no rule... >> yeah. i think it's going to be a while before getting an answer there. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> kickoff? >> yes. i tweeted out who cal fans want to see. a lot of people still fans of steve mariucci. >> that would be a good one. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00, cable channel 13. coming up, travel trouble for thanksgiving holiday. one airline just authorized a strike ask a big protest in a major west coast airport. >> then at 11:00 e mail fees
6:57 pm
some of you have been paying for years. that is all coming to an end. tonight how to keep your e mail address and stop paying for it. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. i'm dan ashley. >> from the entire abc 7 news team have a terrific evening. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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